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The Importance of Adflow’s Regional Growth

With 9.1 million people living their lives as usual in Australia’s regional areas, we see an enormous opportunity for brands to spread their message across Australia’s large regional market with little competition.

Regional residents have higher discretionary incomes due to lower housing costs, over 50% have white collar jobs and spend just as much time as metro residents on holiday each year.

With the rise of regional migration during the heights of the COVID pandemic it is important to have a regional strategy in place especially for verticals such as streaming services, telecom, e-commerce, grocery, and services. These verticals generally have no barrier to purchase based on their location so the smart marketer should be addressing what is a large and under targeted audience.

Adflow has always had a great regional footprint and during the lockdowns of our cities we increased our focus to increase our regional coverage by 50 percent. We now cover over 72 regional towns and centers across each state and territory adding to our already impressive coverage in seven major capital cities.

With Key regional locations recently added to our network including Albury, Geelong, Ballarat, Coffs Harbour, Melton, Townsville, the Sunshine Coast, Emerald & Bunbury.

We are also glad to announce that Adflow is now a part of Liberty Signs which gives us access to a network of 150 vehicle signage installers nationwide – making vehicle media a bold, unobstructed branding opportunity for advertisers in remote locations that have limited OOH options.

Adflow’s wrapped vehicles offer advertisers high reach and frequency campaigns that are unique and show-stopping in regional centers. Our vehicles operate in and around the entire city boundaries where there is generally little to no OOH coverage offering great exposure for clients.

Regardless of COVID restrictions in some areas across the country, Adflow’s transit assets have been an essential service and kept on the road to assist people with their changing daily needs.

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